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VFP2IIS : Free Version

This is a fully functional version of VFP2IIS for the development and the test of your WEB applications.
Restriction : use on localhost ( only, if used on server display form "About" and after 10 minutes from start of IIS session display on each request warning.

VFP2IIS : Server Version

This is a VFP2IIS license for use on a WEB server (without localhost restriction).
Each WEB server requires one VFP2IIS license.

VFP2IIS : Developer Version

This VFP2IIS license enables commercial royalty free distribution for your applications, 
allowing you to generate  one VFP2IIS "Server license" for your customers.
Reproduction totale ou partielle strictement interdite • KitWeb : générateur de sites internetWan Again : fournisseur d'accès à Internet