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It is impossible accomplish full compatibility in VFP code between desktop and WEB. The following list compiles known problematic issues :
  • VFP2IIS is "external" of the application, so protected and hidden properties are not accessible, if problem, ensure that properties and methods prefixed with "IE" are public
  • VFP multithread Run Time (VFPT9) does not report some visual inherited properties correctly or if set with internal function like SETALL, AUTOFIT.... In this case try to explicitly set value of property. Known issues:

- Default or inherited Backcolor of form returns 255,255,255 (white)

- If width of column is not defined, (or autofit is called), VFP9T returns an incorrect value (75)

  • VFP2IIS updates data programmatically, so programaticchange of control is always triggered. Be careful with VFP code in interactivechage and programaticchange, data are updated before event processing, so programaticchange is triggered before other events (e.g. on checkbox is programaticchange and then click)
  • If grid is used, VFP2IIS scans cursor during generation HTML code. If you have set row buffering, data are updated: be careful to handle triggers, valid functions etc.
  • VFP2IIS runs a check before update to verify if actual value is different, and does not update if the value has remained the same (getfldstate is not modified)
  • The object Select in HTML (corresponding to combobox of VFP) has a different behaviour than its corresponding VFP, and some properties are not compatible:

- Control is "Always on top"

- Text alignment is left

- Backcolor works properly, but ItemBackColor effects item back color and back color

- Control has a fixed height

  • Association option buttons in HTML functions differently than the VFP Optiongroup. Changement in Optiongroup is better handle in click of option button than in programmaticchange of optiongroup


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