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Installation from setup


All necessary files and registration are included.

Setup creates WEB folder, registers COM+ and creates shortcut for run VFP2IISDEMO in desktop mode.

Installation from zip

Unzip or copy files of VFP2IIS into folder (VFP2IIS.INI is configured for folder C:\INETPUB\WWWROOT\VFP2IIS).


Files (base frame - files in default folder) :


- VFP2IIS (in default folder)

     - VFP2IIS.DLL

     - VFP2IIS.TLB

     - VFP2IIS.VBR

     - VFP2IIS.INI




- VFP9 Run Time (see VFP9) must be in default folder, if VFP9 is not installed on PC/server

     - VFP9R.DLL (for desktop and COM+ registration )

     - VFP9RENU.DLL(for desktop and COM+ registration )

     - VFP9T.DLL

     - MSVCRT71.DLL (for desktop and COM+ registration )

     - GDIPLUS.DLL (for desktop and COM+ registration )





Additional files in ZIP, in subfolders


- AddIn folder (AddIn modules as examples with sources)

     - VFP2IIS_browse (prg,fxp)

     - VFP2IIS_echo (prg,fxp)

     - VFP2IIS_iisvar (prg,fxp)

     - VFP2IIS_vfp (prg,fxp)

     - VFP2IIS_xml (prg,fxp)

     - VFP2IIS_log.exe (log viewver)


- Demo folder (some simple forms)

     - DATA.SCX - Grid using

     - SQLDATA.SCX - grid with ODBC


- Devcon folder (forms showed at DevCon 2006) with comments in code, these forms use sample data TASTRADE - see configuration. Tip: THESE FORMS HAVE A METHOD "ABOUT" WITH A DESCRIPTION "HOW TO"

     - DEMO1.SCX (simple form - detail)

     - DEMO2.SCX (Grid, starting new form, messagebox)

     - DEMO3.SCX (frame definition and refreshing, user event binding, binary sending -download)


- Images folder (graphics used by VFP2IIS_DEMO.EXE) graphics with prefix NAV* are used by VFP2IIS in grid navigation panel


- Log folder (reserved for logfile of VFP2IIS if log is enabled and defined in VFP2IIS), if this folder is used for logfile, must have appropriate rights for writing, else error in VFP2IIS


- Templates (folder with HTML pages used by VFP2IIS_DEMO.EXE)


- VFP2IIS_DEMO - folder with source code VFP2IIS DEMO application


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