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Base Features

  • Only VFP code, no additional components are needed
  • Enables to run WEB applications created in VFP, including UI, with common interface and code for desktop and WEB
  • Automatic data synchronization and event binding between WEB and IE
  • Powerful HTML generator of all visual VFP controls, respecting most properties (positioning, coloring, font styles, mouse pointers, text style and alignment, anchoring)
  • Built in function like VFP Messagebox with handling return value from IE in VFP
  • Binary output for sending generated binary files or streams like PDF output
  • Support easy definition of context menu thru list of bars (similar popup shortcut menu ) with an automatic back link to VFP control
  • Support file upload to server with automatic - transparent switching communication (ENCTYPE to multipart)
  • Interface for AddIn VFP modules - like external commands (useable as web services)
  • Enables to define and use HTML iframes, frames and MS IE filters
  • VFP2IIS has open interface during request handling and HTML generation - enables to redefine default processes and output HTML code
  • Starting with 2.06 support (with particular restrictions) browsers MS IE, Opera, Mozzila, FireFox, Netscape and Safari
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